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Our Process

At Shene Distillery, we boast four traditional copper pot stills handcrafted by a local Tasmanian master still maker.

Our stills include a 4,500-litre wash still, a 2,000-litre first spirit still, a 1,100-litre second spirit still and a 300 litre Gin Still.


1st Distillation 

The fermented wash is preheated via a heat exchanger from the previous day's hot discharging pot ale.

The charge volume is only two-thirds of the wash still capacity to prevent accidental boiling over and froth overflow.

The wash is heated, allowing the vapours to rise where they are condensed into a steady uniform flow called ‘low wines’.


2nd Distillation

The low wines are distilled again, further purifying the spirit - promoting smooth aromatic flavour compounds in preparedness for further development during the 3rd distillation.

The fores and feints from the previous 2nd distillation are also added.


3rd Distillation 

The spirit still is charged with the 2nd distilled spirit and fores and feints from the previous spirit distillation. The master distiller separates the distillation into three parts:

1) Fores
2)Heart - Middle Cut  
3) Feints

The foreshots are the first part of the distillation and contain a high proportion of highly volatile methanol compounds. The distiller will also nose and taste the new make spirit to determine when to ‘cut’ to the heart.

The heart or middle cut is the distillate that will become whisky after cask maturation. The master distiller then determines when the distillate will become feints (not suitable for maturation into whisky). Although the fores and feints are used again in the next spirit distillation, the master distiller will discard the fores and feints from time to time.