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Terms and Conditions

The Buildings & Site - These are heritage buildings dating from circa 1822. Due to their age and heritage nature, floors, both timber and stone and steps within the buildings are worn and uneven in some areas. Access to the loft is via an old staircase. Some guests might experience difficulty in using these stairs. Care must be taken at all times when walking and you must be aware that doorways have low clearance heights. Shene Estate is a working property and guests visiting do so at their own risk. Guests are aware of their own personal limitations and are responsible for their personal safety whilst on site. Heritage Tourism Tasmania Pty Ltd are not liable for any injury, loss or damage, whether caused by negligence or otherwise arising out of or caused by the condition of any building or structure within the site, land, and natural or other hazard or by any activity on the site.

Clothing and footwear - You acknowledge and understand the requirement to wear suitable flat walking shoes. High heel shoes are not permitted.

Weather - Conditions can change rapidly – please wear appropriate clothing and have a coat on standby.

Children - We welcome families with children however full responsibility for behaviour and safety is the responsibility of parents. When on site, strict parental supervision is required at all times.

Photography - Private photography (to be shared with family & friends) is welcomed in any section of the property, externally and internally, except inside our private residence. Photography and recordings undertaken that are of a commercial nature, for financial gain or public display are strictly prohibited and can not be taken without the prior written consent of Heritage Tourism Tasmania Pty Ltd.

Smoking - Smoking is not permitted on site.

Alcohol - Visitors who arrive under the influence of alcohol wil be asked to leave the site.

Mary Morton Allport painting of Shene is supplied for use courtesy of The Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts Hobart.

Website © Shene Tasmania. Poltergeist® and Mackey® are registered trademarks of Shene Distillery Pty Ltd

Exclusion of Liability – Having agreed to undertake our tour, among other things, you do so on these conditions:

You acknowledge that you will be in places where the terrain is not paved, and where surfaces of all kinds may be uneven, earthen, and in some conditions, slippery due to the heritage nature of the buildings and surrounds.

Your entry onto the property is fundamentally conditional that you are doing so entirely at your own risk and peril. That entry is also fundamentally conditional upon your agreement that you waive all your legal rights to sue or take legal or any other action against anyone or any entity on any and every basis at Law, both statutory and at common law.

You agree to save and hold harmless and indemnify everyone and every entity associated in any way, directly or indirectly with the property you are entering against all claims of any kind whatsoever arising as a result of any act, negligence or default of the property owners, tour conductors, their employees, agents or volunteers or any others in relating to your presence on the property.

The expression ‘you’ includes and binds your successors.

Tour Guide Terms & Conditions

Please note: Shene Distillery and the cooperage will be under operations, it means a forklift will be in action. For this reason, we invite you to listen to the tour operator and follow the guideline. At this stage, we do not currently offer tours in languages other than English, and people of limited mobility will experience a slightly altered tour, so we recommend calling in advance to reserve a place and ensure we can accommodate you. Standard liquor licensing rules apply.

The distillery can be reached via the following: +61408020007 or

Tour & Tasting Terms & Conditions:

1. COVID-19: Due to the ongoing circumstances surrounding COVID-19, you must ensure the following: that you or a member of your party are not required to be in quarantine by law, and that you or a member of your party have no recognisable symptoms of COVID-19. If symptoms arise after your tour concludes, or you or a member of your party are identified as a ‘close contact’, you must endeavour to contact Shene Distillery as soon as practical so that contact tracing can be applied.

2. CANCELLATION POLICY: Tours and Tastings are prepaid via our secure online booking system. Bookings cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice are eligible for a full refund. CANCELLATIONS OR AMENDMENTS WITHIN 24 HOURS OF YOUR BOOKING ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If, for any reason, Shene Distillery is required to cancel or move your tour, you will be eligible for a full refund.

3. Our tours & tasting operate from 10am till 3pm, Monday to Sunday. We offer tastings between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, It is better to book for Tasting to ensure there is a table ready for you.

4.Minors are welcome in the Cellar Door & Tour but must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times and are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.

5. Our tours are conducted in English, and translation is unfortunately not available.

6. We will do our best to accommodate people of limited mobility, however you may experience an altered tour. If you are intending to visit the distillery and consider yourself of having limited mobility, please contact us prior to your visit so that we can best accommodate you via

7. RSA: Shene Distillery promotes responsible consumption of alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol prior to our tours is strictly forbidden. Any guests found to be intoxicated prior to the start of the tour will be refused admission. Refusal of admission will be at the Tour Guide’s sole discretion. If he/she believes any guest/s pose an inherent risk to the safe conduct of a tour, they will be refused admission and no refunds will be provided. The tasting as part of the tour is approximately 2 – 4 Standard drinks. For this reason, Shene Distillery recommends organising transport to ensure you do not drive whilst intoxicated.

8. Bookings must be made in advance, via our secure online booking system for tours. But Walk ins are welcome only for Tasting.

9. Bookings are not confirmed until payment has been made via our secure online booking system and a confirmation has been sent.

10. If you have any further questions regarding bookings or visits to the distillery, please contact us via email at or by calling +61408020007