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Journey Into The World of Shene Whisky - Experience Serendipity

Unearth Your Own Single Malt Tasmanian Whisky.

Don't miss out on this unique experience, only available at our Cellar Door.

Become a Master Blender and create your very own Single Malt. A unique & exciting opportunity for the whisky novice and whisky expert alike.

Channel 10's "The Living Room" Experience Serendipity

At Shene our Master Blender determines our whisky's final expression profile by marrying our mature spirit in various casks to integrate and harmonise contrasting flavours in the quest for a unique and exclusive single malt. This blending process is a creative expression of ideas and emotions - a form of art that adds depth, body and harmony to the final Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky.

At Shene we want our visitors to take the journey into Whisky alongside of us. Be part of this dynamic and creative process and unearth your very own, unique Single Malt Tasmanian Whisky.

This unique and exciting opportunity only exists at the Shene Distillery Cellar Door.  No booking is necessary.
Simply visit us at the Cellar Door which is open daily from 10am till 4pm.

Craft Your Own Single Malt Whisky Bottle - Cask Strength.
Includes: 5 x Cask Tastings
The Serendipity Single Malt Crafting Experience
Plus a 700ml bottle of your Single Malt Whisky (your formula which you can record & save with us.)
Plus Personalised Label, Signed by You.
Total Experience ..................... $ 295.00 

Cask 1
Australian & Spanish
Sherry Alliance

This whisky matured in small Australian Apera Casks, then transferred to a Spanish Sherry Butt.

Cask 2
A Journey Into Australian Port

This double distilled whisky was exclusively matured in small Tawny Casks, then married into a Grant Burge Tawny Cask.

Cask 3
Fortified Meets

This triple distilled whisky was matured in small Australian Apera Casks, then married in a French Oak ex-Cognac Cask.

Cask 4
Unique Australian Muscat

This whisky was matured in small handcrafted Tawny Casks, then finished in an Australian Muscat 300L Cask.

Cask 5
Union of Two

Matured in exclusive small handcrafted Portuguese Port Casks from the Douro Valley in Portugal, then married into an Australian Tokay 500L Puncheon.

As part of the Serendipity Experience you will taste whisky from The Five Casks (above).  You will be able to savour the flavour and blend your own unique Single Malt.  Our Serendipity Stewards are there to assist if needed. The experience comes with it's own "Whisky Wheel" to assist you in identifying aromas and flavours. There is a Formula Worksheet for you to document your unique creation and if you like you may purchase a full sized bottle of your creation. Your unique Single Malt, autographed by you will be bottled and labelled in front of you.

Come and Enjoy Your Own Serendipity Experience

Visit Our Cellar Door – Available Daily from 10am -4pm.