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Shene Distillery Amasses Awards
With Award-Winning Whisky & Gin 

Tasmania certainly has plenty to be proud about. Our exceptional island boasts pristine beaches, diverse cultural experiences, and an exceptionally laid-back lifestyle. However, those aren't the only things that make The Apple Isle such a wonderful place to live, work, and play. Now, we have our ward-winning Tasmanian whisky to be proud of, too.

"Tasmania has been producing great quality whisky and spirits for years," explained Shene Distillery co-owner, John Ibrahim, in a recent interview with The Mercury Newspaper.

"When we opened the distillery in 2005, our objective was to make our fellow colleagues in the business proud and not let them down."

We feel these awards show that Shene has done a lot more than just 'not let down' our colleagues. If we had won a single medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards,
it would have been a stellar achievement any whisky maker would be proud of. The very first whiskies we entered into this prestigious global competition have received a total of six medals, and five of them were double-gold. Brag-worthy? We think so.

Award-winning Shene Tasmanian whiskies of 2021:

 Cognac Release Single Malt

 Elixir of Life Single Malt

 Mackey Enigma Triple Distilled Single Malt

 Mackey Trinity Single Malt

 Mackey Triple Distilled Cask Strength Single Malt

 Solera Cask Single Malt

Upon learning of our good (and well-deserved) fortune at the 2021 Spirit Awards, the whisky pros at The Old Barrelhouse offered their hearty applause:

"We'd like to congratulate Shene for their gold medal haul, they are one of the hardest-working teams in the industry... May the awards be plentiful, the apparitions sparse, and the spirit ever-flowing for many years to come."
Not sure what the apparitions reference is about?

See our Award Winning Gin Poltergeist

Elixir of Life Single Malt

This double-gold winner has been eloquently described as a buoyant whisky with a gentle punch that never overwhelms. Deftly balancing alcohol content with flavour, Elixir of Life delivers a rich nose reminiscent of marzipan, hazelnuts, and chocolate cake. Notes of cocoa, candy, and fresh berries provide a pleasing palate before ending with a lengthy finish replete with hints of toasted coconut and spice.

Mackey Trinity Single Malt

Called 'an absolute revelation' by those in the know, this treasured single malt whisky provides a bright nose that evokes sun-dried raisins and ripe cherries before melting into a pleasing palate rich with flavours of poached figs, gingerbread, toffee and Christmas pudding. Slightly sharp citrus notes round out the luscious, lingering finish of this double-gold award-winning Tasmanian whisky.

Solera Cask Single Malt

Consistently rich and sweet, this marvellously mature single malt whisky offers a slightly hot nose that quickly settles to reveal wafts of molasses, new leather and Jaffa oranges. Such is the summation of The Old Barrelhouse which goes on to describe a palate that is alternately drying and creamy with back notes of vanilla bean and chocolate. The medium-length finish presented by this award-winning Tasmanian whisky reveals soft oak, espresso coffee and spice.

 Triple-distilling makes all the difference

The extra effort it takes to distil our world-class whiskies is just one of many factors that make our whiskies so wonderful. We mill and mash Tasmanian-grown barley before it is treated

to a lengthy fermentation – we ferment for 7 days – a lot longer than other whisky producers. And then our whisky is triple distilled in handcrafted copper stills. Yes, it takes a little longer to make than other whiskies, but we believe the extra time is absolutely worth it.

About the San Francisco Spirit Awards

Held every year since the turn of the 21st century, the San Francisco World Spirit Competition is one of the most prestigious liquor contests in the world. The influential event is presided over by a panel of libations experts, each of whom is a leader in their field. Judges at the 2021 SFWSC
event included:

Andrew Pollard

Prior to his current position as assistant director of beverage development for Wynn Resorts, Pollard tended bar in some of Las Vegas' hottest nightclubs and swankiest lounges. Today, he oversees the cocktail menu for one of the biggest hotels on the Strip.

Martin Cate

Exotic cocktail expert Martin Cate is a passionate rum collector who also happens to have an excellent nose for whisky. As owner of the famed Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco, Cate has earned numerous accolades, including dual awards for America's Best Bar from Playboy and Esquire magazines. Virginia Miller Spirits expert Virginia Miller's restaurant and bar reviews appear in countless publications, including Food Republic, Where Traveler, and Distiller magazine. When she isn't picking winners at the SFWSC and other notable spirit awards, Miller teaches cocktail classes, where she shares her vast expertise with other beverage enthusiasts.

How SFWSC medals are awarded

Because it is a blind tasting event, judges are not privy to brand names or influenced by labels. Each spirit is judged on its own merit, not by comparison to other entries. During this phase of the competition, judges determine whether a whisky is worthy of a gold, silver, or bronze medal. Spirits that are awarded gold by every panel judge receive double-gold status.

We're proud of our whisky, but that's not all we make.

Robust and full-flavoured, this exceptional gin began earning top honours in 2017 when it received double-gold at the World Gin Awards. Since then, Poltergeist Unfiltered has won gold and platinum awards at numerous global competitions.

In fact Poltergeist is the ONLY Gin in the world to be awarded Platinum at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards two years in a row. In 2019 at the same spirits competition Poltergeist Gin was the FIRST Australian distilled Gin to ever win Platinum.

It is now the most award winning Gin in Australia:

2021 San Francisco World Spirit Competition, Awarded Gold 
2020 San Francisco World Spirit Competition, Awarded Platinum
2020 San Francisco World Spirit Competition, Awarded Double Gold
2020 World Gin Awards, Awarded Gold
2019 Singapore World Spirits Competition, Awarded Gold
2019 San Francisco World Spirit Competition, Awarded Platinum - The first Platinum award to be granted to an Australian distilled product
2019 San Francisco World Competition, Awarded Double Gold
2018 San Francisco World Competition, Awarded Double Gold
2017 San Francisco World Competition, Awarded Double Gold
2017 World Gin Awards, Awarded Double Gold

2020 World gin Awards

Awarded Gold

2017/2018 San Francisco World Competition

Awarded Double Gold

2019/2020 San Francisco World Competition

Awarded Double Gold

2019/2020 San Francisco
World Competition

 Awarded Platinum Twice

2021 San Francisco

 Awarded Gold

Hand bottled in small batches at our Pontville distillery, Poltergeist Unfiltered Gin is carefully crafted from Tasmanian pepper berries along with a range of globally sourced botanicals, including juniper, coriander, Chinese liquorice, and lemon peel. Lauded by The Gin Queen for its on-the-nose juniper and earthy notes reminiscent of a forest floor, our Tasmanian gin is as delicious in martinis as it is with a splash of tonic.

If you're keen to try Shene's award-winning Tasmanian whisky or gin, place your order online or pre-book a private tour of Shene Estate cooperage and distillery. Either way, you are in for a real treat.