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Maturation in Oak Casks 

Our Process

At Shene Distillery our Oak Casks are predominately French, European and American Oak.

Tasmanian Tiger Cooperage, our own on site Cooperage, manages all our Oak needs.


Cask Selection  

Cask selection and the maturation process is a fundamental part of our whisky process.

It not only accounts for a considerable proportion of the production costs but it is a crucial catalyst in the evolution from spirit to whisky.

It is this symbiotic relationship that allows the whisky to develop complexity, character and elegance.



There are numerous variables that effect the maturation process; the type of wine or spirit previously in the oak, the maturation time (different casks will mature at different times), the fill strength, the climatic conditions and the environment all have a role to play. 


Additive and Subtractive Activity   

During the maturation process the spirit expands and contracts into the wood. During this process the spirit extracts 100% of its colour and 70% of its complex aroma and flavour compounds from the oak – by major transformation in its chemical composition. You may have heard of the “angel’s share”- this is when 30-50% of the original cask volume is lost due to evaporation.

Whilst there are hundreds of elements that go into the process of whisky making, patience and passion are the two essential components that go into every bottle of Shene Single Malt.